Thursday, July 7, 2011

Splishing and a splashing

I don't have a picture(because he was in the buff) for this post but today I put Cam in his little pool with the slide on the side and had the most laughs, hysterical laughs at him. The pool is quite slippery and makes for a good speed when going down the slide. I put him on his back and stomach and he seems to like going face first down the slide the best. It was so funny. He would laugh so loud and then grab himself!! I also would squirt him with the sprinkler and he would squeal with delight. I will have to get a video of him going down the slide sometime and post it. You will laugh too.

Also, I got in more cloth diapers. This time I ordered some Kawaii diapers that are similar to bumGenius. Cam is still asleep so I will try them on him when he wakes up and if they fit I will be washing them. Review to come later also. I hope I like them. On a side note, I had ordered some Thirsties Fab doublers and received the package today only to find out I was sent two packs of Thirsties Fab wipes instead. Bummer cause I really need those doublers! Cam is a heavy wetter!

I have to say I give Jack Be Natural two thumbs up for the packaging and extra goodies I received in the bag. Very sweet deal.

{Jack Be Natural Packaging}

{Sweet Deal}

{Kawaii Diapers}

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