Saturday, July 28, 2012

Party Day

Today was Karli's 10th Birthday Party! Wow! Has has it been 10 years since I had my first baby?! Time is really moving fast.

So we got up this morning pretty early(not really early but earlier than usual) and started getting everything together. We were able to have her party at some friends of my parents' house.

Karli had said she wanted to do zebra print again. LOL! So that's what she got. My cousin of course made her cake(always yummy) and lots of family and friends came to help her celebrate. We had lots of fun.

Later this afternoon, we went out to eat at Red Lobster with my good friend Jacklyn too! Karli was on pins and needles that we didn't mention to them it was her birthday. LOL! Jacklyn did(who would've guessed) but we told her not to say anything. The waitress thought it was quite funny.

Today is also my hubby and mine's 11th anniversary!

So I have to say today has been a great and fun filled day. Tomorrow I am shooting a little boy's 1st Birthday Party! :)


Here's a short video clip of all the chaos going on while we were getting ready to eat. Never mind the clicking you here. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back Pain is for the Birds!

I don't think I have ever hurt this bad in my back...EVER! It hurts to sit, stand, bend, stoop, twist...MOVE! I swear it literally feels like someone has socked me with a baseball bat in my back! I am so tired of feeling this pain.

I was out of work half a day yesterday and all day today. I slept most of the day yesterday and took a nap when Cam did. Today I have just moped around hoping that the meds would take the pain away eventually but nope. It's still there.

Oh and never ever ever again will I agree to have a cortisone shot. I will just deal with the pain. Not only was the needle a weird feeling needle but the liquid itself burned. I immediately felt a burning sensation traveling through my hips and down and out into my leg and upper back. Then all the feeling started to leave my right leg. I felt like I couldn't walk right because I couldn't feel it as good. Then hours later my left leg started going numb and then sensation returned with this dull achy feeling. I hated it!

I slept okay last night and woke up feeling no pain....until I stooped down to change Cam's diaper. Whoa! I almost fell over.

This has been going on for about two weeks now and I think it's over-stayed it's welcome.

Just ready to feel normal again and be able to play with my kids and do stuff around the house without pain.

On a good note though I have seen my friend Jacklyn two days in a row and plan on having a "date" with her tomorrow. Hehe. She said it. :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Week/Weekend

We've been quite busy this week but slowed down a bit by the weekend. My back is still hurting pretty bad so I wasn't able to get much done.

We had a great weekend though to say the least. Friday and Saturday night we grilled out and had our friends over, we rode around on the 4-wheeler(until I realized I couldn't do it), Karli had her friend Emily spend the night Friday, played in the water on the trampoline(my kids' favorite thing to do), helped daddy cut down some trees/weeds and I had a photo session with my friend Keree`s little boy.

Here are a few pictures to sum up the last week.

Camden and his sister sharing a special moment. I LOVE this.
Special Moment between Siblings

Cam is in love with trains, dinosaurs, his blankie and books. He usually has to sleep with these trains too.
Boys and Trains

He now uses his toys for leverage. This is a pretty high cabinet. I really think he's the next Spiderman.
His new trick

Karli and her friend sitting on the couch watching tv. Nevermind the clothes on the end. My back was more important than moving the clothes. My OCD about killed me though.
Spend the night company

Picture with Sissy.
Big Sissy, Little Bubba

Koltbug! Our Saturday afternoon session was a great but HOT one!

Cam helping his daddy cut down some trees. Well he helped by saving the seat. Keiser was barking and he was telling him to "HUSH!"
Helping Daddy

He loves watching his daddy ride the motorcycle.

Pushing his limits for sure. All I know is he better not mess of that new arm since having surgery.
Pushing his limits

I just love him. He was watching his daddy ride all over the yard.
He makes me smile

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What you talkin bout Willis?! Back to bloggin

What you talkin bout Willis?

I had all kinds of stuff ready to be written..well typed... tonight but got a little side tracked and now I'm just tired..trying to hold my eyes open. There are still some things on this blog that I have to go back and fix like my signature at the bottom. My SIL(who made this template for me) is working on that. She's great! ;)

Wondering how I got side tracked?! Well as I was getting out of the shower I could hear Cam screaming. I thought....he's just wanting his momma to come and rock him. So I hurried in there and after shuffling around in the dark trying to adjust my eyes and use the little bit of green light coming from his Twilight Turtle I grabbed him. He wouldn't budge. Uh oh. So I turned on his lamp and notice his leg, his chunky leg was stuck in the slats of his crib! He was screaming for me to help him and all I could do was think about the last time this happened. It wasn't an easy fix.

So there I was trying to calm him, crouched down and easing his leg as much as I could in and up through the slats...only I was getting anywhere. He just screamed louder and louder. I was starting to freak out but remain calm at the same time. So I scream "Babe" calling out to Bobby who was knocked out on the living room couch! Cam in utter despair yells, "Babe" through agonizing screams. Oh man that was awful. I wanted to cry. How in the heck was I gonna get his leg out? Oh yeah it's just a bed I will break one of the slats off. Heck Cam had already done that and we had to screw it back in(we really did).

So I just said to myself, I WILL get his leg out. So I kept pushing and squeezing all the baby fat in a little at a time. Kinda reminded me of those Chinese handcuffs that you can put on your fingers but can't pull them out unless you know the trick...well that was me and Cam.

So eventually his leg was freed. I rubbed it and patted and soothed him. Telling him how much I loved him and that he was a big boy(waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh). He pulled his blankie over his head and rolled over.

Man that was hard. I just hope he doesn't do it again. Those little legs aren't that little anymore and next time we may be removing a slat!