Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Week/Weekend

We've been quite busy this week but slowed down a bit by the weekend. My back is still hurting pretty bad so I wasn't able to get much done.

We had a great weekend though to say the least. Friday and Saturday night we grilled out and had our friends over, we rode around on the 4-wheeler(until I realized I couldn't do it), Karli had her friend Emily spend the night Friday, played in the water on the trampoline(my kids' favorite thing to do), helped daddy cut down some trees/weeds and I had a photo session with my friend Keree`s little boy.

Here are a few pictures to sum up the last week.

Camden and his sister sharing a special moment. I LOVE this.
Special Moment between Siblings

Cam is in love with trains, dinosaurs, his blankie and books. He usually has to sleep with these trains too.
Boys and Trains

He now uses his toys for leverage. This is a pretty high cabinet. I really think he's the next Spiderman.
His new trick

Karli and her friend sitting on the couch watching tv. Nevermind the clothes on the end. My back was more important than moving the clothes. My OCD about killed me though.
Spend the night company

Picture with Sissy.
Big Sissy, Little Bubba

Koltbug! Our Saturday afternoon session was a great but HOT one!

Cam helping his daddy cut down some trees. Well he helped by saving the seat. Keiser was barking and he was telling him to "HUSH!"
Helping Daddy

He loves watching his daddy ride the motorcycle.

Pushing his limits for sure. All I know is he better not mess of that new arm since having surgery.
Pushing his limits

I just love him. He was watching his daddy ride all over the yard.
He makes me smile

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  1. That little stinker up in the cabinet. I sure hope he doesn't climb up on the island at the new house!!