Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Entered the World of Cloth

Diapers that is. Got my package in the mail today after ordering them last week. Before Camden was born I had said I wanted to try cloth diapers but after doing research, lots and lots of it, I felt quite intimidated and down-right overwhelmed with all the types, brands, how-tos and how-not-tos. Lots of questions that sometimes went unanswered from online forums until I found a great friend online(actually a few great friends) that helped me sort through all questions I had. :) Thanks to both Monica's, Jessica, Amanda, Abbie, Andrea, Amber and all the other girls on our board (April BDC 2010) that have answered questions and sent me countless emails.

I was eager to get them out of the pack and wash them so I could try them out. The two colors I purchased are Twilight and Grasshopper.



Once dried I put the insert in and snapped it on him. At first I was like, "How is this thing gonna fit him?" It did hang a bit in the front because of his belly. However, it never leaked. At bath time I took the diaper off and it was heavy!! I have a big wetter but I was amazed that it held up. Very excited. However, the real test will come tomorrow when I put the other one on for his nap and see how it goes as he's a stomach sleeper and wondering how it's gonna hold up when he wets laying down. Overall it went really good today. Ask me that when he has his first poopy and you may get a different answer. ;)

Here are a few pictures of Camden modeling his new diapers. I had to include one of Karli too. 





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