Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Slippery Situation

We often remember Karli's little stunt with baby powder when she was about Cam's age and laugh, at the moment I don't think it was so funny but now we laugh at it...especially how she was staring at her paci on the floor as if she was more worried about it than the mess she had just made! Baby powder was still floating in the air when I went in to find her in the middle of it all! Yeah that was crazy and even crazier to clean up.......

{June 30.04}

well I have thought about all the stuff Cam has gotten into and often wondered if he would top her since he's in to so much more than she was! Well this morning I found that out!!!!!!

I was sitting in the livingroom waiting for him to come back for another bite of his breakfast. He took a quick trip around the kitchen and came back for another bite then went back to the kitchen. For anyone that knows him knows that he doesn't sit down to eat....he walks, and plays and rolls in between. So I thought nothing much of it when he disappeared back into the kitchen...until I heard the cabinet door open. I yelled "Annnk!" Say that again...."Annnk!" LOL! Sounds funny doesn't it? It's even funnier spelling it. My Grandma Cook used to say this to us as kids all the time. Funny funny stuff.

Anyway I jumped up and ran to get him but not before I saw the fry daddy fall out onto the floor!!!!
It was cold grease of course because after we fry french fries in it we put it back under the sink with the lid on!
So as I was running to get him and saw the grease spill ALL OVER the floor I reached to get him but, BUT not before he falls and slips in it!!!!!! Oh my gosh! It was on now! I think I screamed for a minute and then realized Dawn helps with grease!! Yeah so I picked him up and threw him in the sink and doused him with Dawn dishwashing liquid!! hahaha yeah yeah I know you're laughing but I wasn't laughing at all!!

In the midst of all the chaos I tried to think how in the world I was gonna clean up GREASE!! (Just yesterday I was vacuuming up GRITS because he knocked the canister over, grits to feed a family of 20 went all over the floor!) It was covering the kitchen floor, under the baseboards of the cabinets, behind and under the refrigerator!! Oh man, deep breath!! I took Cam out of the sink and plopped him in his bouncer and kept saying "Annnk!" every time he entered the kitchen. I guess after the 5th or so "Annnk!" he got the picture and layed so pitiful-ish in his bouncer without saying a word. I mean he stayed there by himself not moving an inch the whole time I cleaned the kitchen!!

So have you ever mopped a kitchen floor with Dawn?!! Yeah probably not!



You can see some of the grease on his diaper.

And some more on the back!

 Yeah now he's gonna laugh after the mess is cleaned up and I allow him to enter the kitchen!


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