Sunday, October 30, 2011

Busy Busy

Been so busy with work and everyday stuff that I have neglected this blog. Lots of things have been going on and I have to write them down before I forget them.

To start off, I, yes I cut Cam's hair on the 11th of October and I have to say I don't think I will ever do that again. I immediately wanted to cry once I saw how grown up it made him look. I was not ready for that.

He has several more teeth too and seems to get smarter by the day. He figures stuff out so fast and then remembers it the next time he goes to do it like it's nothing. Amazing mind he has. My little boy is something else! We crack up when he starts to dance. Yeah he still loves to dance. He also loves chasing Keiser, our dog, with his scoot n zoom toy still.

He turned 18 months on October 26th and my hubby turned 33. The picture of him sleeping was on the 26th too. I almost forgot to get one.

Karli has gotten settled into the 4th grade and has an amazing teacher, Mrs. McCard this year. She loves her and I love her because she works with her on an individual level. It makes a difference to a child when they have a teacher they can trust and look up to.

She is growing up so fast too. It seems she went from toddling around pushing her little blue and pink car to wanting a doggone cell phone! Why in the world should a 9 year old have a cell phone?! I told her I didn't have one till I was 18 and she almost fell out! That's something we've got to work on. ;)

I told her to make a Christmas list out last night and what do you think is on her list? A phone. LOL! She's got a good bit of stuff on there and I laughed when I read some of it. If I could show her my Christmas list from when I was 9 she wouldn't believe it. I was still wanting baby dolls, cars and young child stuff. ;) Times have changed. Technology is to blame..... ;)

I have been on a Facebook break and have enjoyed every single minute of it. See, I had time to update this blog. Facebook seems to suck all of my time..time to edit, update blogs, post pictures to Flickr, talk to my girls on PYF, get outside and play with my kids, watch some tv with them, dance to the 70s with Cam on my hip, clean the house, soak in a hot bubble bath, RELAX! LOL!

So since I've had time to edit some of my pictures I will post a few that haven't hit Flickr or Facebook. I have been thinking of merging this blog and my photography blog too so I don't have two but I just don't know yet. I am also thinking at the first of the year doing a "Their World" project each week or month and post. A bunch of my friends have been doing this. Since doing a 365 on Karli and Cam I think it would be neat and fun to do. Something they could have to look back on too.