Monday, May 28, 2012

Sing Along

I had to come over and post a blog post about something Cam did Saturday and again today. We were on our way to Wild Adventures Saturday and the song Magic(1974) by Pilot came on the radio. There's a catchy phrase in the song "Ho Ho Ho, It's magic, You know, Never believe, it's not so, It's magic" and so on and so on...well me and Karli were singing it and looking at Cam at the same time and all of a sudden he starts to sing it too! I was so excited that I started clapping and saying, "Yay!" LOL. Karli thought it was quite cute too. It was so funny hearing him try and keep the tune and saying "Magic, ho ho ho."

Then this morning we were laying on the couch watching Nick Jr. and the song Groove with Me came on by Signing Times. He immediately started singing it and doing the motions. Wait a minute...this literally happened overnight! He's been learning so many new things this past week that I want to write it all down and remember it ALL!

Oh and he can do a really good split too! I will have to capture that on video one day.

I'm waiting on a video to load and am tired so excuse any typos as I'm not going to proofread this.

Love my little bugs.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our weekend

We've had a great weekend. We woke the kids up and surprised them Saturday by taking them to Wild Adventures. We met up with my cousin Sheena and her family. It was hot really really HOT but it was tons of fun. Cam was able to enjoy himself since he was older than the last time he went. We drank lots of water and slushes. We stood in on the bridge when the boat came down so we could get wet, we got our two oldest kids on the Twisted Typhoon(big mistake for me), we rode the Choo Choo Train(Cam's in love with trains) and saw lots of animals and we rode several other rides including the Ferris Wheel. The older I get the more I realize I do not like heights anymore.

Cam loved the rides. I can't say the same for Karli and Hunter when they were on the Twisted Typhoon. My glasses were knocked off my face and my neck popped. Hunter insisted on riding in the front so we were in the 3rd and 4th cars.

(These pictures are snappies uploaded through the blog so excuse the flat, pixely look).

We came home later that afternoon and Cam took his usual 2-3 hour nap. We had my SIL, Candy and BIL, David came over for grilled steaks. We all sat outside around the grill and talked(I love this).

Tonight(Sunday) we went to my Grandma and Grandaddy Cook's house for a going away get together for my Aunt. We had LOTS of food. Good food! My Aunt Rhonda can make some good salads! The kids had lots of fun and it was good to see my family. We came home around 3 for Cam to nap and then we went to our friends, Keree' and Russell's house for steaks. The kids love going over there. They rode on the golf cart after they were done eating for a few and then we came home. We got home and Cam took him a bath and went to bed. Karli has been cleaning her room and we're in the living room watching some tv and I'm doing this blog.

We have a tropical storm coming in a got a bit of rain today. I think we may be getting a little more.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Yay It's Friday!

I love Fridays and I'm glad that it's the weekend. As usual it will fly by but I hope to make the best of it. We have a surprise for the kids in the morning and I know they're both gonna flip!!

Today was Karli's last day of 4th grade. I was sitting in the bathtub a few minutes ago and I was thinking that next school year she's gonna be one grade closer to middle school. Then I thought about me when I was her age and I almost started crying! How have the years gone by so fast that my first baby is now(in less than two months) gonna be considered a tween! Huh?! Really? Where's the pause button at?

She has grown it seems overnight and has learned so much. She's got one heck of a memory like her momma and she reminds me so much of me when I was little. Even though she's a few years ahead at her age than I was. I was still playing with baby dolls at her age and her favorite thing to do is play games on the computer(or hack my Facebook account). Momma loves you Karlibug!

Cam's in the bed(probably already fast asleep with his "bankie"), Karli is on the computer in our room and I'm in the living room on the couch watching LMN and loading some pictures off of my cameras(yes I still have pictures on my old one). I need to charge my battery too so I will have lots of pictures from tomorrow. Oh that reminds me, I need to put my camera strap on this new camera. LOL. I need to finish editing pictures for my SIL too. I also have this idea I've been playing with in my mind. I want to make a book for Karli and Cam about the things I love about them and have pictures to go with each one. Sounds fun and lots of work. I seem to always think of things I want to do and never let myself rest. I want them to have lots and lots and lots of memories of their childhood and pictures to remember them by.

Okay pictures are loaded off one camera. Good night.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pee pee

How appropriate for a title huh? LOL! This was Cam today. He went behind the couch and stripped his diaper off and then when I went to put the diaper back on him he said "Pee Pee" and pushed me away. Off to the bathroom we went and after "booshin" the toilet about 4 5 times he pee peed!!!! This boy is getting so good about telling us he has to go potty. On Monday(Candy correct me if I'm wrong) he told his Aunt Candy he had to "tink" and after she put him in there and walked off he did it!! Yay and you wanna know the kicker?? We're not even trying to potty train him. So different than our potty training experience with Karli. ;) Maybe I shouldn't have named the title what I did and then talk about Karli PASSING what she needed to in order to go to the 5th grade!!!!! Oh yeah talking about stressful stuff. I don't think I ate much during the whole week of the CRCT tests. I worried for her. See I never had problems taking tests...matter of fact I never actually studied anything and always did good! So it's hard for me to help her prepare for tests. It's just hard for me to go over stuff and hope she's absorbing it because it just always came to me. She has had one of the best teachers ever this year and I'm truly gonna miss Mrs. McCard and her encouraging words to my daughter. She has always had a positive attitude and Karli has never said a bad word about her. She loves her. I just hope we're/she's as lucky next year. 


So here we and Karli sitting in the living room talking about anniversaries and watching American Idol. She's funny. I love her so much! She's not a little girl anymore but she will always be my baby. I love you Karlibug! Cam is in his bed snoozing away and Keiser is sitting next to me on a pillow licking everything on his body as he always does. Bwahaha. I had to put that. Good night.