Monday, May 28, 2012

Sing Along

I had to come over and post a blog post about something Cam did Saturday and again today. We were on our way to Wild Adventures Saturday and the song Magic(1974) by Pilot came on the radio. There's a catchy phrase in the song "Ho Ho Ho, It's magic, You know, Never believe, it's not so, It's magic" and so on and so on...well me and Karli were singing it and looking at Cam at the same time and all of a sudden he starts to sing it too! I was so excited that I started clapping and saying, "Yay!" LOL. Karli thought it was quite cute too. It was so funny hearing him try and keep the tune and saying "Magic, ho ho ho."

Then this morning we were laying on the couch watching Nick Jr. and the song Groove with Me came on by Signing Times. He immediately started singing it and doing the motions. Wait a minute...this literally happened overnight! He's been learning so many new things this past week that I want to write it all down and remember it ALL!

Oh and he can do a really good split too! I will have to capture that on video one day.

I'm waiting on a video to load and am tired so excuse any typos as I'm not going to proofread this.

Love my little bugs.


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