Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What you talkin bout Willis?! Back to bloggin

What you talkin bout Willis?

I had all kinds of stuff ready to be written..well typed... tonight but got a little side tracked and now I'm just tired..trying to hold my eyes open. There are still some things on this blog that I have to go back and fix like my signature at the bottom. My SIL(who made this template for me) is working on that. She's great! ;)

Wondering how I got side tracked?! Well as I was getting out of the shower I could hear Cam screaming. I thought....he's just wanting his momma to come and rock him. So I hurried in there and after shuffling around in the dark trying to adjust my eyes and use the little bit of green light coming from his Twilight Turtle I grabbed him. He wouldn't budge. Uh oh. So I turned on his lamp and notice his leg, his chunky leg was stuck in the slats of his crib! He was screaming for me to help him and all I could do was think about the last time this happened. It wasn't an easy fix.

So there I was trying to calm him, crouched down and easing his leg as much as I could in and up through the slats...only I was getting anywhere. He just screamed louder and louder. I was starting to freak out but remain calm at the same time. So I scream "Babe" calling out to Bobby who was knocked out on the living room couch! Cam in utter despair yells, "Babe" through agonizing screams. Oh man that was awful. I wanted to cry. How in the heck was I gonna get his leg out? Oh yeah it's just a bed I will break one of the slats off. Heck Cam had already done that and we had to screw it back in(we really did).

So I just said to myself, I WILL get his leg out. So I kept pushing and squeezing all the baby fat in a little at a time. Kinda reminded me of those Chinese handcuffs that you can put on your fingers but can't pull them out unless you know the trick...well that was me and Cam.

So eventually his leg was freed. I rubbed it and patted and soothed him. Telling him how much I loved him and that he was a big boy(waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh). He pulled his blankie over his head and rolled over.

Man that was hard. I just hope he doesn't do it again. Those little legs aren't that little anymore and next time we may be removing a slat!


  1. I know u were hysterical!!! rhonda Smith

  2. I would have been scared to death Kristy Lavender