Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Slippery Situation

We often remember Karli's little stunt with baby powder when she was about Cam's age and laugh, at the moment I don't think it was so funny but now we laugh at it...especially how she was staring at her paci on the floor as if she was more worried about it than the mess she had just made! Baby powder was still floating in the air when I went in to find her in the middle of it all! Yeah that was crazy and even crazier to clean up.......

{June 30.04}

well I have thought about all the stuff Cam has gotten into and often wondered if he would top her since he's in to so much more than she was! Well this morning I found that out!!!!!!

I was sitting in the livingroom waiting for him to come back for another bite of his breakfast. He took a quick trip around the kitchen and came back for another bite then went back to the kitchen. For anyone that knows him knows that he doesn't sit down to eat....he walks, and plays and rolls in between. So I thought nothing much of it when he disappeared back into the kitchen...until I heard the cabinet door open. I yelled "Annnk!" Say that again...."Annnk!" LOL! Sounds funny doesn't it? It's even funnier spelling it. My Grandma Cook used to say this to us as kids all the time. Funny funny stuff.

Anyway I jumped up and ran to get him but not before I saw the fry daddy fall out onto the floor!!!!
It was cold grease of course because after we fry french fries in it we put it back under the sink with the lid on!
So as I was running to get him and saw the grease spill ALL OVER the floor I reached to get him but, BUT not before he falls and slips in it!!!!!! Oh my gosh! It was on now! I think I screamed for a minute and then realized Dawn helps with grease!! Yeah so I picked him up and threw him in the sink and doused him with Dawn dishwashing liquid!! hahaha yeah yeah I know you're laughing but I wasn't laughing at all!!

In the midst of all the chaos I tried to think how in the world I was gonna clean up GREASE!! (Just yesterday I was vacuuming up GRITS because he knocked the canister over, grits to feed a family of 20 went all over the floor!) It was covering the kitchen floor, under the baseboards of the cabinets, behind and under the refrigerator!! Oh man, deep breath!! I took Cam out of the sink and plopped him in his bouncer and kept saying "Annnk!" every time he entered the kitchen. I guess after the 5th or so "Annnk!" he got the picture and layed so pitiful-ish in his bouncer without saying a word. I mean he stayed there by himself not moving an inch the whole time I cleaned the kitchen!!

So have you ever mopped a kitchen floor with Dawn?!! Yeah probably not!



You can see some of the grease on his diaper.

And some more on the back!

 Yeah now he's gonna laugh after the mess is cleaned up and I allow him to enter the kitchen!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Those fingers

My little man  was napping and I wanted to get some pictures of him.
As a baby.
With all his baby parts still.
It seems he's growing so fast that I can barely keep up with all of him that's changing.
His hair,
his face,
his toes
and those hands.
Gosh Camden do you have to grow so fast?!
It seems Karli was a baby one day and the next she is 8 years old; almost 9!
Love those two so much!

{Baby Fingers}

Thursday, June 9, 2011

{Savings and Swagbucks}

Lately I have really jumped into couponing and have enjoyed every minute of it. How is it possible I have never tried this sooner?! Seriously? It's not that hard and according to how in depth you're wanting your savings, doesn't take that long to plan a trip. I have done several trips and one just recently at CVS my total was only .49!!!!! I bought 4 items also!! Pictured below is my trip for .49.


I get my coupons from the Sunday papers alone as of right now along with a few I find in packages or get sent to me in the mail. I have yet to purchase any on Ebay or coupon clipping sites.

So since I've been on this saving's binge I have also got into filling out offers for free samples and I think I have done pretty good with them! I get excited every time I get a package in the mail and most importantly these are all FREE!


A few of my favorite couponing sites are 
I have helped many friends with scenarios also so if you're wanting to try something out but need someone else to help you look over it I will. You can contact me by email megcaton@yahoo.com

Below are a few more pictures I've taken of my trips.



Another great site that I've recently been having fun with is Swagbucks! You get money for using their search engine. So instead of using Google, you go to Swagbucks.com(I have the toolbar downloaded so I just click on it) and type in whatever it is you're wanting to search and within a few searches bam, there's your Swagbucks that you've just won. I have won anywhere from 7-24 SB just by searching. On Friday's you can win double that! Some people have won as many as 100SB for just searching! You also get points for other things you do on their site such as polls, surveys and much more. Then when you get enough SB you can cash them in for prizes and GIFT CARDS!! Yes. I think that's the best part. They add up really fast. I am using my SB on Christmas! :)
Search & Win

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Entered the World of Cloth

Diapers that is. Got my package in the mail today after ordering them last week. Before Camden was born I had said I wanted to try cloth diapers but after doing research, lots and lots of it, I felt quite intimidated and down-right overwhelmed with all the types, brands, how-tos and how-not-tos. Lots of questions that sometimes went unanswered from online forums until I found a great friend online(actually a few great friends) that helped me sort through all questions I had. :) Thanks to both Monica's, Jessica, Amanda, Abbie, Andrea, Amber and all the other girls on our board (April BDC 2010) that have answered questions and sent me countless emails.

I was eager to get them out of the pack and wash them so I could try them out. The two colors I purchased are Twilight and Grasshopper.



Once dried I put the insert in and snapped it on him. At first I was like, "How is this thing gonna fit him?" It did hang a bit in the front because of his belly. However, it never leaked. At bath time I took the diaper off and it was heavy!! I have a big wetter but I was amazed that it held up. Very excited. However, the real test will come tomorrow when I put the other one on for his nap and see how it goes as he's a stomach sleeper and wondering how it's gonna hold up when he wets laying down. Overall it went really good today. Ask me that when he has his first poopy and you may get a different answer. ;)

Here are a few pictures of Camden modeling his new diapers. I had to include one of Karli too. 





Saturday, June 4, 2011


Have you ever remembered a toy or several of your toys from your childhood? The ones you used to play with often or the ones that just seem to stick out in your mind? Maybe when you see something on tv or hear a song on the radio it jogs your memory of a certain day and possibly....just possibly you can remember what you were playing, who was with you, the smells and your surroundings. I do this alot. I seem to have a great memory and can ever remember several things that happened in one day...not just small snippets but almost hours of a certain day. I can even get a whiff of smells sometimes, some that I haven't smelled in years and can instantly go back to when I first smelled that smell. Like my grandma's spearmint gum that she used to put in her mouth just before the church service started or the smell of cologne on my papa's shirt just after he had gotten out of the bath or the smell of the oil of olay lotion on my momma's face at night when I'd go in to kiss her before going to bed. Those smells that I smelled growing up.

Well I had a little bit of my childhood come flooding back the other day when I went to my daddy's house and saw a little wagon sitting on the side of our old well. It was a wagon that me and my brother played with all the time when we were about 7 and 8 years old. I remember hooking the wagon up to the trucks that had the hitches on them and towing dirt in it. I asked daddy where he found it but then before he said anything I knew where he'd found it. I remember playing with it and me and Chess "hiding" it in the dirt that filled the well. That thing has been tucked away in the dirt since at least 1989, I just know it. Either way it brought back so many memories. I immediately grabbed it and touched it and almost could feel 8 again. So strange how we can "lose" something but when we get it back all the memories are there when it's found. I told daddy to leave it there and I would be back for a picture. It may not be anything to anyone else but to me that's a part of my childhood, like a piece to a puzzle or a key that has unlocked something...something that feels good and gives me good thoughts.

So today I went back to daddy's house and got a picture. I then had to tell Karli what I was doing. She doesn't mind though because she is always asking me questions about my childhood and I certainly don't mind telling her. I just hope that her and Cam's childhood is just as good if not better than mine. I had a wonderful childhood. :)

If there are any typos I will fix tomorrow.

{From my childhood}