Monday, July 8, 2013

Karli's 11th Birthday Party

Every year I say this with both of my kids, but geez, how are they already this "old"? I can't believe she will be 11 on the 26th of this month!! Seriously she is getting so tall and getting a year older faster and faster.

We celebrated her birthday at some friends of my parent's house. It was rainy, actually it was storming but a few people still managed to come out and we really appreciate it. She had a great birthday; ate some really awesome cake(thanks Two Busy B's), got some great gifts and enjoyed swimming with friends and family.

Outside with him

I have tons of blog posts I'd like to catch up on and hope to get them rolling out soon but this one will be all for now. I went out for a little while today with Camden. The humidity was horrible! I had sweat running down my back and mosquitoes biting my legs within the first few seconds of being out there but I stayed cause he just loves it when I'm out there. He was showing me all of his tricks on the swing; he gets on his stomach and springs like a frog to get himself to go higher(I remember loving to do this as a kid), the slide and monkey bars. There's this little hideout underneath the loft where the slide is and him and his sister pretend it's a restaurant(I'm assuming) cause he even asked me if I'd like something to eat and got busy under there preparing me some invisible food. :) Notice all the gnats glued to his face in the first picture; I decided to not clone them out.

My first time trying out this collage I made too. Super happy with how it turned out.