Monday, June 28, 2010

{Flashback Monday} June 2009 : Week 5

I have been following a very good friend's(who is a wonderful photographer) blog for quite some time and recently she has started doing a Flashback Monday post where she goes back a year from the day's date and edits archived pictures. Thanks Jude for the inspiration! Since I have soooo many pictures that were left as RAW files and never were edited(not even converted from RAW to jPEG files) I thought what a great idea to get to go back through some I looked over.

So you can imagine my delight when I went back(a few days before the 5th week last year) and found some of my Papa Nelson who passed away on May 14th of this year. We were all over at Grandma's eating and I almost always have my camera in tow. I snapped a few shots last year and almost deleted them because they weren't what I thought were good enough to keep. So so glad I did.

He was the type of person who loved watching people have a good time and getting out and riding the country and town to see all of the happenings of the day. He was a goodhearted and warm person who often joked with us grandkids and his great grandkids and had a memory as sharp as a tack! If I had known that a year from this date he wouldn't be with us I would've filled my camera up with pictures of us together. I miss him so so much! Love you Papa.



This picture is of my daughter and niece. Karli had just lost another tooth in this picture.



  1. I love how your family drinks out of mason jars, just like ours. :) I think I will have to do a flashback monday too - Jude is always good for inspiration! :)


  2. Sarah, I think my Papa always had his mason jar. He would take it out to the den with him and it would sit on his table right beside the scanner so he could hear what was going on in town. lol. Those are some great memories.

    I didn't think anyone still drank from them. Neat to know ya'll do too. ;)

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. What a wonderful Blog Meg. And what a great flashback. :)