Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Little Things in Life | December 2012

It's hard to think that it's already the end of December. This month has been like a speeding train and it doesn't seem that Christmas has already come and gone.

There have been so many things that we've done this month and it's so hard to get pictures of it all but I have included a few pictures that really stick out for me this month in my project of "The Little Things in Life."

This is my daughter being her silly fun self after we took our family pictures. She's not much for wanting her pictures taken so for her to call on me to watch her jump from a tree branch and take a picture...well yeah I'm all for it.


Our annual Christmas parade was this night and my daughter and niece Kelsey were on the Pizza Hut float. Their Uncle David is the manager and they wanted to be in the parade. They mainly held the posters over their head. This was taken as we dropped her off to get ready for the line up. Don't ya think those hats are just the funniest things ever?! Yeah me too!!

This picture is very special to me because I am very seldom in pictures since I'm the one taking them. However, I want to always get as many pictures as I can with my kids. They are growing so fast and I want them to have pictures of me with them. This day was my 32nd birthday and we were playing with fake snow and Karli was in the middle of a sentence. It was a pretty awesomely fun day! They loved loved loved throwing the snow into the air and I equally loved watching them make memories.


My kids love going to the park and this day was a good day. I had just got my new lens in and it was also Karli's last day of school for the Christmas holidays! Cam is infatuated with the merry-go-round and so when Karli and Kelsey were riding on it he thought he'd catch a ride on Karli's leg. Priceless.


Whoever though that catching leaves as they were falling to the ground could be so much fun? Well it is. It's not only fun but it's totally funny. Watching someone try to determine which way to run because they aren't sure which direction it will turn in is very entertaining. I don't think I've laughed that much in a while.I caught one and Karli caught a few. Cam may have been wondering what kind of family he was a part of too that day as he were running around all over the place. It was totally my momma's idea and I loved it.