Saturday, June 4, 2011


Have you ever remembered a toy or several of your toys from your childhood? The ones you used to play with often or the ones that just seem to stick out in your mind? Maybe when you see something on tv or hear a song on the radio it jogs your memory of a certain day and possibly....just possibly you can remember what you were playing, who was with you, the smells and your surroundings. I do this alot. I seem to have a great memory and can ever remember several things that happened in one day...not just small snippets but almost hours of a certain day. I can even get a whiff of smells sometimes, some that I haven't smelled in years and can instantly go back to when I first smelled that smell. Like my grandma's spearmint gum that she used to put in her mouth just before the church service started or the smell of cologne on my papa's shirt just after he had gotten out of the bath or the smell of the oil of olay lotion on my momma's face at night when I'd go in to kiss her before going to bed. Those smells that I smelled growing up.

Well I had a little bit of my childhood come flooding back the other day when I went to my daddy's house and saw a little wagon sitting on the side of our old well. It was a wagon that me and my brother played with all the time when we were about 7 and 8 years old. I remember hooking the wagon up to the trucks that had the hitches on them and towing dirt in it. I asked daddy where he found it but then before he said anything I knew where he'd found it. I remember playing with it and me and Chess "hiding" it in the dirt that filled the well. That thing has been tucked away in the dirt since at least 1989, I just know it. Either way it brought back so many memories. I immediately grabbed it and touched it and almost could feel 8 again. So strange how we can "lose" something but when we get it back all the memories are there when it's found. I told daddy to leave it there and I would be back for a picture. It may not be anything to anyone else but to me that's a part of my childhood, like a piece to a puzzle or a key that has unlocked something...something that feels good and gives me good thoughts.

So today I went back to daddy's house and got a picture. I then had to tell Karli what I was doing. She doesn't mind though because she is always asking me questions about my childhood and I certainly don't mind telling her. I just hope that her and Cam's childhood is just as good if not better than mine. I had a wonderful childhood. :)

If there are any typos I will fix tomorrow.

{From my childhood}

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