Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I haven't updated in a while. Since I last posted which was April 18, our Bud has turned a year old, Karli has passed the 3rd grade and I am out for the summer. I have been busy cleaning, rearranging some stuff, couponing... :), playing with the kids(which usually calls for a bit of dodging toys since Cam has become quite the thrower) and just enjoying being home and relaxed. I have a few things I'd like to do this summer with the kids and going to the zoo is one of them and of course our beach vacation that Karli has talked about since we come back from the beach last year. She loves going to the beach and will talk about this vacation until the next one. I am with her though because I just love everything about being at the beach and this year we get to take Cam when he can really get down in the sand and hopefully enjoy it.

Cam had a drs. appt. on Friday, May 29. He weighed in at 21lbs. 13oz. and was 29 1/2in. He also got two shots and was supposed to have his hemoglobin checked but we(me and the drs.) forgot and I walked out before getting it done. I know they forgot because the nurse handed me the appt. card for his next appt.

I'm enjoying being able to stay up late to get little things around the house done and then sleep in the mornings until Cam wakes me up and not the alarm. We've got out and played under the sprinkler which so far Cam doesn't really like as the water is usually ice cold when it comes out.

Here are a few pictures as of recent. This was Cam taking his nap yesterday. Sometimes he looks so peaceful and comfy that it makes me want to crawl in the crib with him and snooze too.

Today we got out to the park and had a good time. I know the kids did. The gnats were crazy.

You know you want to pinch those thighs!

Smashing his smash cake. I'm not on my other computer so this picture will have to do.

{Smash Cake}

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