Thursday, June 9, 2011

{Savings and Swagbucks}

Lately I have really jumped into couponing and have enjoyed every minute of it. How is it possible I have never tried this sooner?! Seriously? It's not that hard and according to how in depth you're wanting your savings, doesn't take that long to plan a trip. I have done several trips and one just recently at CVS my total was only .49!!!!! I bought 4 items also!! Pictured below is my trip for .49.


I get my coupons from the Sunday papers alone as of right now along with a few I find in packages or get sent to me in the mail. I have yet to purchase any on Ebay or coupon clipping sites.

So since I've been on this saving's binge I have also got into filling out offers for free samples and I think I have done pretty good with them! I get excited every time I get a package in the mail and most importantly these are all FREE!


A few of my favorite couponing sites are 
I have helped many friends with scenarios also so if you're wanting to try something out but need someone else to help you look over it I will. You can contact me by email

Below are a few more pictures I've taken of my trips.



Another great site that I've recently been having fun with is Swagbucks! You get money for using their search engine. So instead of using Google, you go to have the toolbar downloaded so I just click on it) and type in whatever it is you're wanting to search and within a few searches bam, there's your Swagbucks that you've just won. I have won anywhere from 7-24 SB just by searching. On Friday's you can win double that! Some people have won as many as 100SB for just searching! You also get points for other things you do on their site such as polls, surveys and much more. Then when you get enough SB you can cash them in for prizes and GIFT CARDS!! Yes. I think that's the best part. They add up really fast. I am using my SB on Christmas! :)
Search & Win

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