Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pee pee

How appropriate for a title huh? LOL! This was Cam today. He went behind the couch and stripped his diaper off and then when I went to put the diaper back on him he said "Pee Pee" and pushed me away. Off to the bathroom we went and after "booshin" the toilet about 4 5 times he pee peed!!!! This boy is getting so good about telling us he has to go potty. On Monday(Candy correct me if I'm wrong) he told his Aunt Candy he had to "tink" and after she put him in there and walked off he did it!! Yay and you wanna know the kicker?? We're not even trying to potty train him. So different than our potty training experience with Karli. ;) Maybe I shouldn't have named the title what I did and then talk about Karli PASSING what she needed to in order to go to the 5th grade!!!!! Oh yeah talking about stressful stuff. I don't think I ate much during the whole week of the CRCT tests. I worried for her. See I never had problems taking tests...matter of fact I never actually studied anything and always did good! So it's hard for me to help her prepare for tests. It's just hard for me to go over stuff and hope she's absorbing it because it just always came to me. She has had one of the best teachers ever this year and I'm truly gonna miss Mrs. McCard and her encouraging words to my daughter. She has always had a positive attitude and Karli has never said a bad word about her. She loves her. I just hope we're/she's as lucky next year. 


So here we and Karli sitting in the living room talking about anniversaries and watching American Idol. She's funny. I love her so much! She's not a little girl anymore but she will always be my baby. I love you Karlibug! Cam is in his bed snoozing away and Keiser is sitting next to me on a pillow licking everything on his body as he always does. Bwahaha. I had to put that. Good night.

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