Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our weekend

We've had a great weekend. We woke the kids up and surprised them Saturday by taking them to Wild Adventures. We met up with my cousin Sheena and her family. It was hot really really HOT but it was tons of fun. Cam was able to enjoy himself since he was older than the last time he went. We drank lots of water and slushes. We stood in on the bridge when the boat came down so we could get wet, we got our two oldest kids on the Twisted Typhoon(big mistake for me), we rode the Choo Choo Train(Cam's in love with trains) and saw lots of animals and we rode several other rides including the Ferris Wheel. The older I get the more I realize I do not like heights anymore.

Cam loved the rides. I can't say the same for Karli and Hunter when they were on the Twisted Typhoon. My glasses were knocked off my face and my neck popped. Hunter insisted on riding in the front so we were in the 3rd and 4th cars.

(These pictures are snappies uploaded through the blog so excuse the flat, pixely look).

We came home later that afternoon and Cam took his usual 2-3 hour nap. We had my SIL, Candy and BIL, David came over for grilled steaks. We all sat outside around the grill and talked(I love this).

Tonight(Sunday) we went to my Grandma and Grandaddy Cook's house for a going away get together for my Aunt. We had LOTS of food. Good food! My Aunt Rhonda can make some good salads! The kids had lots of fun and it was good to see my family. We came home around 3 for Cam to nap and then we went to our friends, Keree' and Russell's house for steaks. The kids love going over there. They rode on the golf cart after they were done eating for a few and then we came home. We got home and Cam took him a bath and went to bed. Karli has been cleaning her room and we're in the living room watching some tv and I'm doing this blog.

We have a tropical storm coming in a got a bit of rain today. I think we may be getting a little more.

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