Monday, July 18, 2011

Wonderful Watermelon

Yesterday after Cam woke up from his nap we went outside for some watermelon and of course my camera tagged along. I wanted Karli to actually stay and eat some with him so I could have pictures of them both but she had other plans.

He wasn't so sure of what I was doing at first but then I let him play with the butter knife showing him how to cut the watermelon and that was all it took. I then sliced it open and cut him some pieces.....he gulped it down. He was so funny letting the watermelon juice drip all over him. The gnats and mosquitoes loved it too. We were both attacked by them.

I love that he loves almost every kind of fruit that I've given him. Sweet.


  1. He looks so grown with his big boy haircut! NOW I want some watermelon! LOL

  2. Doesn't he though?! I look at him a lot...stare at him and just can't get over how adorably handsome he is. My boy...I tell ya.

    Oh and we have two watermelons over here if you want one.