Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our Routines

Since school has started and I'm home now our schedules have changed so much. I have been meaning to type out a blog and have a record of it all too so here goes.

This is out typical weekday routine.

I wake Karli up about 6:15a.m. She gets up, gets dresses, sometimes gets her a bite to eat or something to drink(she's not a breakfast eater like me), brushes her hair and teeth and then comes back to the living room and watches some tv.(iCarly, Wizards of Waverly Place). She goes over to her Aunt Joyce's house right before 7a.m. We go and pick her up from school around 3:15p.m. and she comes home and gets her a snack. She will then do her homework if she has any and then plays on the computer or goes outside to play with friends(usually riding her bike, going over to Norah, Aunt Candy, Memaw or Kelsey's house, swinging or jumping). Sometimes she watches some of her favorite shows which are either on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. A few of her favorites are iCarly, Wizards of Waverly Place, Jake and Josh, Kickin It, Pair of Kings, Jessie, Shake it Up, Gravity Falls, Hollywood Heights and a few others.

Cam usually wakes up anywhere from 7:30-9:30a.m. I change his diaper and then he sits in his bouncer(still in it although it touches the floor) and drinks either juice(I still dilute his juice about 15% juice and 85% water) or milk(sometimes choc milk as he calls it). He lays there and relaxes while watching any number of shows that may be on. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is still his favorite with Team Umizoomi coming in for a tie. Sometimes he will watch Doc McStuffins, Bubble Guppies, Dora the Explorer, Tickety Toc(kinda new), Go, Diego, Go and Handy Manny.

Once he's done drinking his morning drink he starts his adventures for the day which can range from him playing with his train to jumping on the couch, to chasing Keiser and hitting him with something, to pushing the kitchen chairs up to the counter to climb up on it, to going in and out the door playing on the trampoline or outside.....and lots of other things. LOL!  Seriously he does all of that but sometimes not in the same hour. He loves me to read to him, put puzzles together, drive his trains around the kitchen floor, talk to me or build with blocks. He's busy busy all day every day. Typical boy.

We eat breakfast around 10:00-10:30a.m. which is usually one of his favorites, oatmeal or cheese grits with lots and lots of cheese and jelly toast. He then plays some more. We may jump together or go swing or walk around the yard. He loves being outside so it really doesn't matter what we do as long as we are there. I can just sit on the porch and be happy hearing him laugh. Lately he has been on this kick where he has to eat like 5 popsicles. He picks out a color and then sits on the steps on the porch with Keiser usually looking on begging for some.

We then will get a bite to eat for lunch around 12:00-12:30p.m. and that can be anything. He loves broccoli and I try and fix it a good bit but not so much that he gets tired of it. I will eat anything with cheese on it and I'm good. :)

I then let him relax in his room from 1:00-2:30p.m. Sometimes he takes a nap and sometimes he doesn't. We then go and get Karli and Kelsey from school. If he didn't take a nap earlier and I see that he's tired I will try and lay him down once we get home. I usually can rock him for about 10 minutes to tell if he's going to take a nap or not. He's often asleep after 5 minutes of me rocking him.

If he doesn't take a nap he plays with his sister, by himself or with us until we get ready to eat dinner which is usually around 6:30-7:30p.m. or around those times. Afterwards we either go back outside if it's not too dark and the mosquitoes are playing nice or watch our favorite tv shows. According to what time of the year it is we enjoy watching, The Voice, Minute to Win It, American Idol, a few reality shows on TLC(Karli is currently loving Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Breaking Amish(I don't like this one)) and of course anything on LMN. We do like watching Law and Order and a few other drama/mystery shows. I secretly watch reruns of the Golden Girls, Alf and Family Matters.

Cam then usually takes a bath and Karli a shower around 8:30p.m. Sometimes Cam likes to stay up until he's watched Team Umizoomi as they don't play it much during the day. He is obsessed with that show and has learned so much by it. Hoping he loves math!

Cam usually goes to bed around 9:30p.m. or a little before. He likes for me to read to him but sometimes he's too tired. Karli usually goes to bed around 9:30-10:00p.m. She keeps her tv on for a little while and then I go and turn it off when we go to bed.

I know our routine changes a little at a time and I love having things like this to look back on.

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