Monday, September 24, 2012

Books and more Books

I have to say that I just love the fact that my son seems to have my love for books. He will disappear on me and when I go to find him he will be tucked away in a corner, sitting in his(my rocker glider)chair or in the middle of the floor with a book just a reading(or what I would call reading since he's only 28 months). He has always played with books and loved looking through them ever since he was a baby. I am so amazed by how much he's intrigued with them. Can you tell I'm just excited?!

Several weeks ago I picked through all of Karli's books and took all the ones that were below her level out. She has tons of books. I tried pushing books and reading on her but it never stuck with her. She reads to get by at school but doesn't love doing it. So now Cam has many many books to look at. He's one happy bud.

So a few days ago he finds Goodnight Moon. Oh boy. It just piqued his interest and he has fallen in love with that book. He's always saying "Read G'Night Moon momma."

Tonight before bed I asked him, "Do you want momma to read Goodnight Moon?" He looked at me and then his daddy and gave off this huge smile and said, "Read G'Night Moon." I was so happy. So after giving daddy and his sissy hugs and kisses we went to his room. I got his blanky and wrapped it around him and began to read it. He sat there, leaning on my chest, so still and quiet. He was listening to every word. Close to the end of the book he started helping me turn the pages. When I was done I put him in his bed and he was off to sleep. I see this being an every night thing and I love it!

He LOVES Books

So after I came out of his room, Karli wanted to read me another chapter from her book. She's required to read so many pages each school year and although she doesn't like to read at all, she does do it. So we sat on the couch and I listened to her read me a chapter from Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig. She can read fairly well for someone who doesn't care to read for pleasure. She even wanted to read to me like her teacher does, where she holds the book to her and then shows me the pages once she's done reading the page.

I even took a little bit of video of her reading. When she realized what I was doing though she wasn't too happy. I just want to remember all of this. I can remember being in school and loving reading my books. They'd take me places that I'd never been and I could read about people and their lives. I loved the adventures I'd go on and my imagination would soar. I just wish she could have that same level of interest with books as I did. Either way I'm just glad she can read and will do it if she has too. I'm very proud of her.


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