Wednesday, September 26, 2012

29 Months!

So my little booger butt is officially 29 months! I am to the point now that I have to go back and count from April to add the months up just to make sure that's his age. I just can't get over how fast time is flying. He is learning new things and it amazes me every day!

He has since started really feeding himself(I just liked feeding him) and he loves it. He talks in longer sentences now. A few of his favorite things to say are, "Keiser peed in here," "Momma chocolate milk," "Want go outside," and "More juice momma." He loves to get out of his crib and lay at the door looking under it and calling our names. He often wakes at night and wanders through the house(wonder who he gets this from) or comes straight to our room to tell me he has peed. He does scare me when he does this! He dresses himself and loves picking out his clothes, wearing sock and shoes. He tells me all the time to "Put shoes on momma." Oh and organization; he loves organization! I mean this child has to have everything in it's place. If someone leaves a paper towel on the table he will get it and take it to the trash. He even will ask can he throw things in the trash. If his clothes get dirty he takes them to the laundry room. If something is on the floor that belongs in a drawer he will put it there. I love it! :)

His naps are few and far between now. Well they have been for about a month now. He usually lays in his bed, stands in the window, dumps all his toys out, empties his drawers, sings or talks to himself rather than taking a nap. :)

This afternoon we got outside for a bit. He of course was trying to find the airplanes(haypanes) that he kept hearing in between chasing Keiser with his dump truck!

He weighs 30lbs. even and his height is marked on his wall. I have yet to measure it to see how tall he is. Happy 29 months Sugar Booga!

29 Months!

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