Monday, August 29, 2011

She said it was Awesome!

Well today was the 1st day of school. I have to say I think this year I dreaded it more than Karli. Something about having to get her up that early and all that. LOL! Maybe it's cause I know when school starts that means it's the end of summer as we know it. I remember when I was little I wasn't ready for the summer to end so I kinda held a grudge with school for being the reason. ;)

So this morning she got up, got dressed, drank some chocolate milk, brushed her hair and teeth and off she went to her Aunt Joyce's house. I was going to take her to school but knew I'd be pushing it to get to work and Karli said, "It's okay momma. I will ride with Aunt Joyce so you don't have to rush to work." LOL! She listens to everything I(everyone) says.

So this afternoon I call her and ask her how she liked her first day and she said, "It was awesome!" So that made me feel lots better. I have been on edge all day wondering how she was doing and what she was doing. I just hope the rest of the year is just as awesome!

Thanks Joyce for these pictures.

I took a few this afternoon.

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