Monday, September 13, 2010

{4 Month Checkup/Cam Eats!}

Today Camden has his 4 month checkup which included three immunizations; 2 shots and one by mouth/liquid. He did really good considering he got those things. Only cried for a few seconds with the second one and drank that liquid shot right on down. He weighs 16lbs. 2oz. and is 25in. long. His head was also 41cm(mine is 54cm to put things into perspective), so his head isn't all that big.

We talked about several things including his rolling and scooting/army crawling, his sleeping habits(has been in his bouncy for a week now instead of his carseat, LOL), his great head/neck control, his startle reflex and how to get him to hopefully get out of the bouncy soon and into his bed and also starting him on food! Yep...already my baby is starting solids. Only rice cereal right now but still a huge jump from just formula! He is now drinking 6 1/2-8oz. of formula.

Here are a few pictures of him taking his first bites!










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